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Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t A Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused Be Fearful Of The Offender?
As The Protective Caregiver - What About My Feelings?
Can A Child Consent To Having Sex With An Adult Or Much Older Child/Teenager?
Does Child Sexual Abuse Involve More Than Touching?
How Can I Find Out About Sex Offenders In My Area?
How Do Children Tell About Sexual Abuse?
How Do I Report Suspected Child Abuse?
How Should A Caregiver Choose A Therapist?
I Told My Child To Tell If They Were Ever Sexually Abused, Why Wouldn’t He/She Tell?
Is There Ever A Situation When The Child Has Some Responsibility For An Adult’s Abusive Behavior?
Isn’t It Better For The Child Not To Talk About The Abuse So He/She Can Forget What Happened?
What Are Forensic Interviews?
What If My Child Has To Go To Court?
What Is A Child-Friendly Environment?
What Is A Children's Advocacy Center?
What Is A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)?
What Is Child Abuse?
What can I expect to happen after my child is seen at the CAC?
What happens when my child is seen at the CAC?
Why Do Children “Recant” Or Take Back An Earlier Report Of Sexual Abuse?
Why Do Some Adults Not Believe Children When They Report Sexual Abuse?
Will My Child Need Counseling?
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