Metcalfe County, KY

Serving Our Community


The number of Children Served in this county last year by the Child Advocacy Center
The cornerstone of the Center is the multidisciplinary team that supports each county. These teams are made up of core agencies and professionals that respond when a report of sexual abuse is made. No one agency or professional alone can treat a child who has experienced child sexual abuse; a multidisciplinary agency response is necessary.

Each county has a team that consists of law enforcement officers, child protection services workers, prosecuting attorneys, therapists, Victim Advocates from multiple organizations, a physician, a Child Advocate and a Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator from the Center.

The Warren County team meets at the Center while the remaining counties meet in their home community monthly to ensure each child’s story of abuse is fully investigated and services are provided, as needed to closure.

The Center provides the foundation for work completed through the protocols developed by each of its ten county Multidisciplinary Teams and approved by the Commissions on the Multidisciplinary Team on Child Sexual Abuse in Kentucky per KRS 431.600 and KRS 431.650